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A Brief Introduction to
the Teacher Education Center, NTUT
The Teacher Education Center (TEC) was established in 1995, which offers professional training in education through the operation of educational curricula authorized by the Ministry of Education.
1.       To cultivate our students to become professional teachers qualified in junior, senior high schools, as well as in vocational and comprehensive high schools.
2.       To provide students with educational expertise required by University-Industry Cooperation policies, and to educate them to become proficient and suited to human resources-related jobs and other related fields.
1.          We view integrity, simplicity, professionalism and diligence as the mottoes of the student in NTUT.
2.          We require enthusiasm, expertise and team spirit of the student in their future professions.
3.          We encourage innovation of knowledge as well as integration of technologies.
1.          To nourish sound mentality of the student.
2.          To foster rational thinking of the student.
3.          To facilitate university-industry cooperation.
4.          To draw students' attention to vocational ethics.
5.          To encourage academic cooperation.